Benefits of WordPress: Why WordPress is the Right Choice for a Website or Blog?

Benefits of WordPress.

CMS systems or content management systems allow you to create and easily manage a blog or a website. WordPress is a free and open system. Install and use WordPress implies no registration or subscription costs.

WordPress is recognized as one of the most effective tool for ranking in search engines. CMS indeed has strong capabilities in this area. Its source code is particularly optimized for each update and management of permalinks, categories, and tags is facilitated.

Proper use of tags also helps boost SEO. The site designed in WordPress can also be embellished with SEO extensions performance designed specifically for the platform. Some of them are quite formidable, while remaining in their free basic version, deemed sufficient for most users.

Some basic techniques in web writing and good command of social networks will complete the work to ensure optimal SEO and therefore regular traffic on the various articles and the pages of the site.

WordPress Simplicity

WordPress is extremely easy to use. It can be quickly configured. Pages management, themes, links, media and plugins is in turn very fluid and simplified. It is not necessary to have notions in html language or creating sites or to have a special gift for the computer or graphics.

WordPress Themes and Plugin:

There are more than thousands of WordPress themes and plugins are available in the market to make your site more attractive. Some themes are free and some are premium.  Choose a theme that perfectly suits to business or website. WordPress Plugins are counted also hundreds, very regular with new additions. So this is a very economical way to create a website while you can count on a result of both personal and professional.

So, why WordPress is the right choice for your website?

These point we will show why WordPress is the best platform to showcase your Internet activity.

1. Free

Why a tool like WordPress is it free if it is so well would you say? WordPress is free because it is developed by a community of programmers around the world who do this for fun and love of the spirit of “open source”. So you can use WordPress on a personal site as a commercial site .

2. Easy to use

The learning curve is very fast, so someone with no experience will need minimal assistance. Many WordPress hosting providers even offers a one-click WordPress install inside the control panel making it very simple to get started. The control panel provides an intuitive navigation. Updating with one click and the ease of making backups of the database are clearly an advantage WordPress.

3. Content Management

It is simple to update the content on your site without knowing HTML. You do not need to learn complicated languages or ask your webmaster every time you want to add or change items or any type of content (videos, images, etc.).

4. Security

WordPress offers very frequent updates available to the public. This provides not only new features, but also fixes the security flaws.

5. Highly Customizable

You definitely want a site with a unique design. With WordPress, this is easy. First choose best. There are thousands of free themes and premium themes  (or cheap) to get exactly what you want. If you want a very specific design for your business, development WordPress is relatively simple compared to other CMS.

6. Unlimited Plugins

With plugins you can do what you want for your site. Add image galleries, videos, Develop a newsletter or a contact form. Lots of plugins do, some are paid and many free like our own developed plugin Social  Media  Analytics.

7. The Most Importantly is SEO friendly

One of the great qualities of WordPress is its ability to be very effective in terms of SEO. The quality of the source code, its links management system, tags, use of H1 / H2 tags, permalinks are its advantage over other CMS. Matt Cutts, Google spokesman said himself that WordPress is an excellent system for SEO.