PowerWP Affiliate Program

Here at Power WP we offer an easy to use WordPress hosting affiliate program that can help you to make extra money by referring your customers to us. Best, yet there are no sales required on the part of your customers in order for you to receive commission; all they need to do is sign up for one of our free accounts and you will receive commission for each customer that comes through your affiliate link.

Massive Commission Per Sign-up

We now pay out  up to a massive $300 commission per signup for the first time ever despite other WordPress hosts who only pay $15-$55 per referral.  You will receive 40% commission for each and every new customer that you refer to us plus you will get a $100 bonus for just signing up with us. That means you can get up to $1100  per year for  just referring 10 customers on our PowerWP Personal hosting plan.  So, if you run a successful affiliate program you have the ability to earn quite a bit of recurring income.

Using Your Power WP WordPress Hosting Affiliate Account

If you want to use Powerwp’s affiliate program to increase profits and reach your full earning potential then you have come to the right place. However, in accordance to federal law you have to disclose that you are an affiliate somewhere within your content.

There are some fun ways that you can advertise that you are an affiliate of PowerWP.com such as “I’m hoping to earn enough from this PowerWP affiliate program to go on a Family Vacation.” Or perhaps, “Power WP does pay me to send them new clients; however, use them myself and their services are top notch.” Or you can simply refer a friend by sending them an email with your affiliate link.

No need to worry about tracking referrals either because we will keep track of your affiliate account for you 24/7 365 days a year with cookies. We use third party tracking software in order to determine which one of our affiliates is responsible for each new sign up. So, this means that if someone is referred to our site through your affiliate link, you will automatically get credit for that referral and receive the according commission months after your customer first visit. Affiliate commissions are triggered every 60 days. The customer must keep their subscription for at least  2 months for it to be valid. Affiliate  payout is every first of each month via Credit, Paypal or Bank transfer.

Are you a power affiliate, partner with us and get up to 50% plus bonus per signup,  please contract us and we will create a WordPress affiliate program to meet your needs.