Why website speed matters? How to Improve your WordPress Performance

Why website speed matters and how to Improve it.

You may be wondering why should you care about your site speed. As long as my website is up and running why to worry about my website speed. Right?  In 2015 things have change and website performance matters.

Let’s start by listing what is causing a website to be slow, unresponsive and poor in performance.

First thing to look  is your your web design.

A few years ago designers create websites based on the look and didn’t care about loading time. But that was not good even back then; all of those sites kept loosing business and some even went out of business. Personally I never  liked websites that were slow. Think about it?

When was the last time you went to a website, and  you closed the page while waiting for it to load?

I have done that many many times. The answer is simple. People want to find what they need fast. Those days people have NO time to waste with a loading video or a slow server. If they want to see a video they can go to YouTube or Vimeo why to go to you website? They landed  to your site to buy your product or service.

That is what you should focus,  the products and services you offer. The content is what makes your site powerful not the design. Design is just a first impression. People just close the window not because they don’t like what they see, but because they want to find the product service they need and keep searching for it.

This is why when you hire someone to design your website  you need to make sure you test your site before its released to the public.  Your new website may look great, the content might be good but that doesn’t mean it runs fast. Designers are more concerned with layouts, and graphics  because their customers demand to see something special from them. They keep adding creative graphic to a site to just destroy it’s performance.  Download speeds, accessibility, and browser usability are all extremely critical areas that need to be tested.

The Second important factor is the plugins if we are talking about a WordPress site.

The programming code your site is using to perform some actions like shopping carts, database imports, live updates etc. This what can cause a website to have a very poor performance.  Some poor written plugins or scripts can cause your site to  slow down. The more plugins you add the more you slow it down. Think about it. When you have a cell phone and you keep adding apps without to know what all those apps do, what will happen?

You phone will be slow and sometimes you might need to performing a factory reset. The same is what can happen to a WordPress site. All those plugin can cause your site to be unresponsive can even lead to bigger problems with email virus or hacking. So you must be extra careful of what  plugins you add to your WordPress site. Always make sure you know what you are doing.  If not you need to hire someone to help you with your site  or move your  site to a Managed WordPress Hosting Provider that can help you not with hosting your site  but with the plugins or software running your site.

The third and most critical is your web server and your Web Hosting Provider.

Most low cost web hosting providers host your site  inside a server with another 1000 users that means your site runs based on shared environment. Sharing a single server CPU, Hard drive, Ram, Internet etc.  Imagine how your pc will work if just 2 more users were logged in it at the same time? Imagine that?  A simple html page will take a few minutes to load, so  think what can happen on a web server with so many user. Things can go out of control.

Testing the speed of your website should be one of the most important tests you run.

Website speed matters! Period. If your site takes more than 10 seconds to load, you will most likely lose visitors instantly. Today’s marketplace is extremely competitive and if you website is not running  super fast  your users will not have the patience to wait. People don’t like to wait.  Broadband users will often have a faster response, but many people still use ADSL or ISDN modems. If your site is slow, it can not only turn off your loyal visitors, it could ruin your business’ reputation too.

You also must remember that most  people today are using their tablets or mobile phones to access  your website. This means  speed testing is critical. But this is not the only reason you should make your site load and perform super fast. Based on new search engine setting can even improve your SEO and your search engine placement.

Even a one-second delay can cost you up to 15% percent of sales.

Many folks who encounter slow sites usually leave and never come back. Is your site slow. Does your website takes way too long to load.  Is your webpage unresponsive? We are here to help you. We can help you optimize and boost your WordPress site, website speed matters and your should take all the steps necessary to improve your website. Please contact us and we will try our best to give you our advise and help you boost your website speed.