How a single blog post referred more than $14,000 worth of sales

Receiving good amount of traffic from search engines is a major obstacle for many websites and blog owners. Our friends at faced the same challenge, however, after ongoing optimization, a single post referred more than $14,000 worth of sales to, an amazing tool that allows you to create web and social media campaigns.


In this post we will show you how they did it.

A great focus has been given by search engines on quality content rather than quantity with social sharing being a key element to your ultimate search engine ranking.

In other words, Google wants you to create great content that people love to share with their friends. This takes time, therefore, setting the right expectations is critical, you certainly do not want to give up because your website is not receiving a lot of traffic from search engines in the first 2-3 months.

Optimizing your blog posts or website content for search engine requires a good understanding of who your readers are and what they want to achieve from reading your posts.

So, here is how referred more than $14,000 worth of sales to from a single post.

  • Show your readers how to solve a big problem.

Creating social media contests is a major challenge for small and medium size businesses, with limited budget and technical expertise, website owners need a solution that will allow them to launch a Facebook contest fast and cheaply. The blog post showcased exactly this, the 10 tools to create Facebook contests.

  • Have a clear and precise title.

Use plain language and tell your readers what the post is all about “10 tools to create Facebook promotions & contests “. A simple but on the point title will be key to achieving superb click through rates on google search results.


  • Give it time, lots of time.

It took exactly 12 months for the post to be ranked on Google 1st page for major keywords such as “Facebook promotion tools” Yes, it takes that much time to see results, however, the benefits are long term.


  • Proper Search engine optimization.

There was a series of 5 steps taken to optimize the post for search engines. The targeted keywords need to be included in the following spots.

  1. Post title
  2. Post url
  3. H1 post title
  4. Meta tags
  5. Within the content, but do not overdo it, 1-2 times for every 150 words is enought



  • Do your part.

Creating a piece of web content is the same like building an actual tangible product, if you do not promote it, none will know it exists. Join related groups on Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ and share your new posts, you need to create awareness.