Common WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

Obviously, we all want to create the most attractive website, but unfortunately this does not happen by chance – you need to make good choices and work hard for it. You need to stay focused and keep working for it for several months if not years before you can see any results. If you are choosing a CMS for your blog or site then you have made the right choose. WordPress is used by 60.4% of all the websites whose content management system we know.  This is 33% of all websites online. But before going to the next level you have to know the common WordPress mistakes that should be avoided during site creation or blogging.

If you just discovered WordPress, today’s article will show you how to avoid  the most common WordPress mistakes.

1 – You forget to make backups

Developing  your site without making regular backups is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. Only Captain America can do this, so please have the habit of saving your site or you may lose everything. If you are a WordPress Hosting  customer you can use our  backup add-on free of charge in addition to our automated daily  backup or you may use a WordPress backup plugins.

2- You ignore to update WordPress

You will be surprised by the large number of WordPress users who manage their websites ‘darlings’ on outdated versions of WordPress. The worst thing is the majority of so-called users who believe that the upgrade of the latest version of WordPress will break their websites. So they cling to their old plugins and old themes just because they or their developers do not bother to update them.

We shouldn’t forget that WordPress developers are doing all the hard work, updating, adding new features and securing WordPress. Do not ignore notifications of updates, and if a theme or plugin executes poorly after an update, there are better alternatives. If you cannot have other alternatives (which is rare), hire a developer stalled.

3- Now Why do you use “Admin” as the user name?

Let me see your hand if “Admin” is your username? You probably have a weak password and hackers are eager to break into your website (if they are not already).

4 – You download the free WordPress themes

If you choose the wrong WordPress theme, you can say goodbye to your online success. Search for your favorite free themes. It will save you trouble; in searching of WordPress themes “free” packaged and ready for download. The only problem is that most of these general topics are not really free. Most of them are loaded with malicious code and links that are not in your favor. The success of your WordPress blog depends on many factors, the first being the quality of your theme and second the simplicity of your website design. Minimalist mobile responsive websites are the best chooses here.

5 – You are using a Free WordPress hosting

If you are thinking of using a free WordPress hosting to start your blog rethink about it. There are so  many reasons to avoid a free web host. If you serious about creating a professional website you can afford a $90-$200 per year for a WordPress hosting,  if not then you need to redo your business plan since you won’t go very far without a basic budget to support your new site. Not to mention the security and speed advantage a professional WordPress host can offer you. You can read why  Website Speed Matter  and this is why you shouldn’t use a free web host.

6 – You forget to install a caching plugin

If you are beginner and start knowing WordPress, you probably do not know what a cache is. If you know what it is and it bothers you to install a cache plugin, you lose a lot of seconds in the loading time of your site pages. You can search this plugin  on Google or WordPress search bar.