3 wordpress advertising plugins to generate ad revenues

Blogging can be fun and rewarding in many ways, its helps you enhance up your writing skills, establish connections with other mind related bloggers as well as build your personal brand and reputation.

However, it can be a great source of income as well if you consistently deliver great content to your audience. Great content will drive in more traffic to your blog, hence more potential customers for your advertisers.

There are many ways to monetize your blog such as, affiliate marketing, selling digital products or accepting advertising. Banner or text ads may not make you insanely rich, however, they will provide a solid and consistent source of income for your blog.

Here is a list of 3 wordpress advertising plugins to get you start making money.

OIO Publisher

OIO allows you to sell advertising space on your wordpress blog or website and maximize potential revenues. There is no commission fee charged for ad revenues, rather only a one time set up fee.

Once you signup, your blog or website will be placed into the official OIO publishers pool where hundreds of advertisers are looking to promote their services.

The admin panel allows you to take full control of your ad space, view revenues and set up ad space in various sizes. The official OIO wordpress plugin allows you to set up everything in few minutes and start selling ad space.

A great option for beginners that do not have the time to actively seek advertisers.

BuySellAds PRO

BuySellAds is one of the most popular advertising networks with hundreds of publishers providing ad space and advertisers looking to promote their products and services. You will be able to sell various types of ad space sizes, however, the 125×125 is used the most. The dashboard allows you to manage your advertisers and see detailed report of your earnings. A very good option for those looking to attract quality advertisers.

Download the plugin, enter your advertiser’s account number and you are good to go. A percentage commission fee of 25% is charged for any ad revenues generated via BuySellAds network.

A great option for established blogs with good traffic.


Another great option to sell ad space in your blog or website. This is not an ad network like OIO Publisher or Buysellads, which means that you have total control of the ads. The plugin has a very easy interface to set up new advertisers, view revenues, create custom ad time periods and accept any type of ad banner sizes.

A great solution for publishers who want to have full control of their ad inventories.