WordPress  Social Stats plugin

WP Social Stats is a social analytics plugin that tracks the performance of your blog or website posts on social networks. People love to share great content with their friends on social networks, but do you know which network is the most popular for your blog/website or what type of blog posts are shared the most?

WPSocialstats helps you answer these questions so you focus on creating great content, the key to success for any blog or website.

With WP Social Stats you can:

  • Track number of times a post is shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , Linkedin, Pinterest and Stumbleupon
  • Data is presented in a table view, easy to read and analyze
  • Heatmap to easily locate your most shared posts
  • Total shares per social network
  • Sort shares per social network and see at which social network your posts are shared the most.
  • Sort shares per category or tag and see which type of posts are performing the best
  • Sort shares per month
  • Stats are updated on real time
  • Cool widget to showcase your most shared posts

You can install easy with just one click, simply go to your WordPress Admin click on  plugins then  click on add new plugin. Search for  wp social stats by Powerwp and click on activate.

Or you can also install it manually bellow:

Download plugin for  Free

  1. Upload wpsocialstats.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Which social networks are supported?

At the moment, WordPress social stats supports statistics on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest and Stumbleupon

Do you provide a paid version of Wp Social Stats?

Nope, WP social stats will remain free for ever, all future updates will be free to everyone

What plugins for social media buttons does WPsocialstats support?

All social media buttons plugins are supported, however, feel free to contact our support team if you come across any issues.